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SE Farm and Lund Saddlery

SE Farm is located in Newburg, Oregon. They are a family owned operation and are actively involved in the breeding and training of performance horses for English disciplines.

As a part of SE’s training partnership program, Lund Saddlery provides the required tack for all young horses that are sent out to a variety of trainers/riders for further care, training and eventually competition.

SE Farm’s programs of matching horse to rider ensures that the mount will be brought along in the right manner and Lund is really excited to be a part of the process!


Stal de Eyckenhoeve and Lund Saddlery

Stal de Eyckenhoeve is located in Geel, Belgium and was founded by Niels Haesen (commercial manager) and Maxime Tyteca (main rider/trainer). Stal de Eyckenhoeve is active in Hunter, Jumper and Equitation with a string of successful purchases and sales across Europe as well North America.


Tarypen Equestrian and Lund Saddlery